It took a lot of self-convincing before I finally decided to sign up for a WordPress blog. I might as well be honest, I was having second thoughts. I kept thinking: “What’s my blog going to be about? What am I going to write about? Why am I doing this?” And then I figured: well, this is what I want. I enjoy writing and I’m not going to do this for other people, I’m doing this because I love what I do.

After I accidentally deleted my first blog, I changed the new one to Telegrams & Misadventures by Ashee. That concept sort of just came to me, because I loved the idea of Telegrams (I also talk/chat with myself on the Telegram app when I have no one to talk to) and most posts I already have were about my adventures. But it didn’t really click well with me in the end

The original idea for my blog niche was something around the thought of “If Shee can blog, you can too” to inspire other writers to put their thoughts into blogging/writing. Blogging isn’t just for “the pretty, skinny ones”, blogging isn’t meant to become mainstream. The idea was also supposed to be self-encouraging. SHEE CAN BLOG. I can blog. I like to blog. Blogging is life and all that.

A friend of mine told me she liked the idea of Shee Can Blog. I guess it made more sense anyway, it’s more Me and it represents who I am on a more personal level. So I guess I’m sticking with this then (Thanks, Aubrey)

Because if Shee can blog, you can to *wink


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