I always get a certain high whenever a certain spontaneous night out turns out better than you expect. I recently discovered a new Bingsu place here in little old Cebu thanks to the instagram post from a blogger that I follow, Etienne.

My friends and I made plans, only two of my girl friends came through since the others had conflicting schedules. Nevertheless, it was fun. The bingsu was real good (although that was my first time to actually try one). My friend April ordered a mango-flavored bingsu while I decided to get the blueberry one instead of giving in to my usual chocolate cravings.

The girls and I decided to grab some drinks, you know, for a change. It wasn’t something we usually did since it was just us girls but the night was still young and it felt good to be around USC-TC and Barbecue Boss again, something we haven’t been to in a while. Silly ol’ me decided to take an ATM or at the moment photo and post it on facebook; it was originally for my best friend and our other girl friends but some of our old friends who were in the neighborhood (a.k.a. GOLS), decided to drop by when they saw where we were.

So, in the end, instead of “Just us girls”, we were plus three when our guy friends came over. Oh, and just as we were paying the bill, another friend arrived just as we were about to leave. Heh.

This post isn’t really related to anything life/style-ish, it doesn’t even say much about the bingsu we had. But hey, I’m posting it anyway because it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want with it. haha!

Okay, just kidding.

My comments on the bingsu:
Like I mentioned, it was good but i’m not sure if you should take my word for it–it was my first time to try bingsu. They serve it by cup and by regular; i’d recommend the Cup and order them in different flavors and share with your friends instead of getting the regular (this serving’s for sharing). That way, you get to taste  their different flavors.

I’ve included a link to their Facebook page page so you can go check them out for yourselves, as well as some photos of my own. *smiley face*






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