LOL it’s not even “summer” anymore. Although it’s always summer in the Philippines, technically, summer ended about two weeks ago

My friends and I went on a spontaneous drive up to Tops where you can get a perf view of the city. Thanks to our friend, Camille, who agreed to drive up there despite the dark and scary road

Late night talks have become our thing lately since we started hanging out continuously mid-May. We’ve all gotten used to cheap thrills like Bingsu, beer, KFC or McDonalds and milktea and going home at two in the morning

I would also like to commend my friends Camille and Marj on their improved photography skills–I am super proud of them. I have only three friends that I actually trust to take photos of me: my late friend Blaire, my best friend Sen-Sen and my friend Angela (who I’ve recently discovered and I’m super appreciative of for trying to capture my candids) and I’m super happy that I have more friends who have learned the ways of the camera phone

Oh, and if I’d known we were driving up to Tops, I would’ve brought along a jacket with me or something or worn something else! (Currently staying at my mom’s so my clothing options are very slim here. Heh) Oh oh oh! And I finally have a decent OOTD shot! Woohoo!









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